Setting Up a Google Business Page

If you’re just getting your business started, it’s imperative to your success online to establish a Google Business page. It’s where your future customers can find your: location, services and, most importantly, REVIEWS.

Because you’re an exceptional carpet cleaner, you’re going to do an amazing job cleaning every customer’s home. They’re going to be thrilled with your service and you’re going to ask them to go find you on Google and leave a review. They’re going to go online and help you gain traction in your market with every review.

Here’s how to get your page going if you haven’t done so already:

  1. Go to www.google.com/business. It will take you to a page that looks like this:Google Business Pg 1
  2. Click on “Get on Google” either in the middle of the page or up in the top right. You can also click on “Sign In” if you already have a company Google account. If you don’t, that’s fine. You can create one.Google Business Pg 2
  3. You’ll be shown a map of the US. You’ll search for your business by name. If it doesn’t come up in a search, you can click on “None of these match – Add your business.” Google Business Pg 3
  4. Add your business information on the following page. ***Make sure you check the box that says “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations.”***Google Business Pg 4
  5. Then you’ll select a service radius (unfortunately, you can’t just select a county) or add zip codes to a list.Google Business Pg 5
  6. Agree to the terms of service, and verify that the contact information is correct.Google Business Pg 6

Once you’ve confirmed this information and you’ve agreed to the Terms of Service, you’re all set up. You’ll now have a Google+ page for your business. You can start posting as a business and start taking reviews. Have your customers search SPECIFICALLY for your company name. You’ll show up on the right-hand side of the page in search. Customers can click “Write a Review” and sing your praises to future customers.

You’ll be glad you did this. Trust me.

– Scott


Filling Your Schedule Using Personalized E-mail

It’s the end of September, so you may be experiencing a slight lull in your booking rate before the holidays start. Do you have technicians waiting for jobs?

Let’s see if we can fix that, shall we?

One great way to really connect to your customers is by taking a more personal approach. Here’s what I mean:

Instead of sending them an email full of graphics and specials from a Constant Contact template (not that they’re bad), what about a personal note? You’ll find this approach may be more effective, though it’s easy to overuse.

Here’s an example.

Hello, Joe!

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken last and I wanted to reach out.

I’ve been cleaning carpets in Logan for 15 years, and I know that this is the perfect time of year to get your carpets cleaned before the holiday rush. I’ve only got a few slots left, so I’d like to make you a special offer.

Because you’ve been such a great customer, if you’ll book a job with us within the next 48 hours, I’m slashing my prices.

Book a $100 job, get $25 off. Book a $200 job, get $50 off. Book a $300 job, get $100 off! I must be going crazy, but I want to make sure we connect with you this season.

Call my office at (435) 890-1055 to schedule your cleaning. We can’t wait to serve you!

– Scott Ostermiller2014_Badge_Logo_CMYK

Owner, Hometown Chem-Dry

See how easy it is?

Let’s get your schedules full!

– Scott


Making Before/After Photos for Promotions and Advertisements

Here’s a little video I put together a while back to help you create before/after pictures of jobs. It’s an easy way to put together content to use in emails or to promote new services online through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Take a look!


Have You Emailed Your Database Lately?

Hey, everyone.

Fall is upon us and that means three things:

That Pumpkin Spice Latte...

That Pumpkin Spice Latte…

  1. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.
  2. Leaves are starting to change colors.
  3. Your customers need to hear from you before the holiday season.

Okay, the first two are really just nice perks of autumn. The third one is what you should really be thinking about. How long has it been since you’ve emailed your database? If you’re like most franchise owners, it’s been at least three months – if not longer.

Most of them will likely need to have their carpets cleaned before the holiday’s come around, but we all know how busy things get. They also will likely forget unless they get a friendly reminder from their favorite carpet cleaner – Chem-Dry!

Take this important chance to reach out and remind them of just how awesome you are. Try something like this:

[Customer Name],

It’s Scott from Hometown Chem-Dry. It looks like it’s been about 6 months since we came to clean your carpets and thought you might want to know about a Fall Special that we’re running right now. Just in time for the holidays, we’re offering:

One room for $59

Two rooms for $85

Three rooms for $99!

With the weather getting colder, people start to spend more time inside, and holidays mean family and visitors. Make sure your carpets are cleaned and protected so you can enjoy the holidays worry-free (about your carpet, at least 😉 ).

We have openings starting next week, and this offer only goes through November 1st. Call us today to get your appointment set.

We look forward to helping beautify your home.

Best Regards,


How easy is that? And if you have Constant Contact, you can use one of their hundreds of templates to make the message your own. Maybe include some pictures of you, your van, your crew, your dog, a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte… Whatever it takes to make you stick out in their mind so they remember to call you.

When you reach out, you’ll be surprised how many people reach back.

If you want help or ideas, feel free to reach out to me. I always reach back out.

  • Scott

Thumbtack – The NEW Way to Grow Your Business Online


Company Logo

Some of you may have heard about a new service called “Thumbtack.” It’s a new way to market your business online. Here’s how it works:

When a customer is searching online for a service of some sort (like carpet/tile/upholstery cleaning, you know – all the stuff you specialize in), they go to www.thumbtack.com, enter their location and the service they’re looking for (i.e. cleaning 3 rooms and a sofa). You then receive a message informing you of the opportunity. If you’d like to do the job, and if you act quickly, you can bid on the job and send them a message bragging about how you’re the best darned carpet cleaners in the area. You specialize in exactly what they’re looking for. You’ll clean, sanitize, and protect their carpets. You’ll get that embarrassing stain out of the sofa. You’ll be bosom buddies, and take long walks down the beach together… Wait that’s a different website…

Anyway, sound interesting? Here’s their video giving you the rundown of their service:

There is a small fee every time you bid on a job, but the best way to do it is to purchase bid packages (essentially buying the ability to bid multiple times). It comes down to less than $2 per lead!

Dozens of franchise owners have had GREAT success growing their customer base and avoiding the bait-and-switch tactics of things like Groupon. This way, customers know exactly what they’re getting, what the price is going to be, and you get the chance to set their expectations so you can blow them away.

Sound good? I think so!

Check out Thumbtack and start growing your franchise today! If you have any questions about how to get started, comment below, email, or call me.

  • Scott

Welcome To The “Digital Minute” Blog

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Chem-Dry Franchise Owners’ Weekly Digital Minute blog.

My name is Scott Ostermiller and I’m your Digital Marketing Business Development coach. I’ll be posting here on a (nearly) weekly basis to give you news and tips on everything you need to know about marketing your carpet cleaning franchise online.

To give you a little background on me, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Chinese from Brigham Young University – Idaho, and an MBA from Utah State University, with an emphasis in Marketing. My career has been spent working for both large companies and startups. Prior to joining the Chem-Dry team, I spent two years working as an Email Marketing Manager for the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. I am Google AdWords certified, and well-versed in most other aspects of online marketing.

From Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization to Facebook and YouTube, I have the skills and assets you need to grow your business through marketing.

See you in another post!

  • Scott

PS On a personal note, I have a quirky hobby – wet shaving (or what people 75-100 years ago just called “shaving”). I even have a YouTube channel devoted to it. You can check it out here.