Using Offers to Reconnect With Your Customers

Did you know that there’s a new service from Constant Contact called “Offers?” It’s a great way to reconnect with loyal and long-lost customers alike. Take a look at some of the features.


When you use “Offers” in Constant Contact, you get to pick an offer to give out to past customers that will get you back in your customers’ homes.
It works a little bit like Groupon, but your profit margin is MUCH bigger. You pay a few dollars every time someone books a job with the Offer, but customers also have
It’s as easy as:
Coming Up With An Offer:
Make your customers an offer that will be difficult to refuse.File Oct 02, 11 25 52 AM
For example here, I’ve made an Offer to clean 3 rooms for $80, a $105 offer.
You can also add a social aspect to the offer. You allow people that buy your offer to share it with their friends – getting you NEW customers.
Insert a summary of the offer.
Add some “fine print” to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of.
When customers buy your offer, they pay you through PayPal. The funds are immediately transferred to your account. How nice would it be to get paid BEFORE you go do a job? 😉
Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.33.34
You pick your list of recipients, review your email, and send it out. Then watch your job book fill up.
Let’s get you some great jobs during your slow times. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to keep your technicians busy.

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