Customizing Your PPC Ads – Cutting Edge Changes from Google

Okay, so we all know that one of the quickest ways to fill up empty slots in your schedule is by using Pay-Per-Click ads. You can literally turn them on and off like a light switch to meet your scheduling needs. It’s fantastic!

But let’s look at a slightly different, but probably somewhat familiar, scenario:

It’s Wednesday afternoon. Your phones have been ringing off the hooks on Monday and Tuesday and you got lots of jobs, but your Thursday, Friday and Saturday are WIDE open. Let’s try something.

Hot off the presses, Google announced this week that they’ve made an addition to your options with Pay-Per-Click advertising. You can now add “Ad Customizers” to your advertisements. Here’s what customizers do for your ads:

  1. Add specificity to your ads without creating a BUNCH of different ads (discounts, services, areas, etc.).
  2. Let you use a basic ad template and insert text that’s custom to what your customer is searching for.
  3. Adds a call to action by giving a time window for which  the offer is valid.

Here’s a quick video summary from Google:

Pretty cool, right? You could use this as a great way to run a time-sensitive promotion like this one: PPC Customizer Picture

Now, the programming side of this is likely to be a bit more complex than the “Average Joe” may be able to take on, BUT it’s absolutely something you should be talking about with your PPC vendor. Using ad customizers helps to make your ads more relevant and increase your ad quality score, which gets you a better position in addition to more and cheaper clicks.

Oh, and it’s a great way to fill your job schedules quickly!

Also, don’t forget that I wrote in an email a few weeks ago about using Offers with Constant Contact. Here’s a link to the article that has the same content as the email. Offers are a great way to fill in the gaps with your scheduling and even use E-mail to get NEW customers. Who’d have thought?

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