You Want Me to BLOG?!…

3156791845_60d9424dcbWhat’s a BLOG?…

Well, right now you’re looking at MY blog, the Chem-Dry Digital Minute blog. And, obviously, it has a very specific purpose – to help you learn how to become better digital marketers for your Chem-Dry franchise. The internet is literally full of blogs, and more are being created every day.

The most successful blogs have consistently posted content that centers on a specific(-ish) topic. You’ve probably heard about “mommy bloggers,” tech blogs, and even beauty blogs. There’s no end in sight. Anybody can post anything to the internet and become an author. So, why should you? You’re just a carpet cleaner, right?


You have interesting things to share with the world! You own a franchise of the world’s best carpet cleaner! You clean for peoples’ health! Your technicians are unique, and you know they have crazy stories to tell (with good judgement and discretion, of course)! There’s so much you can contribute.

And, guess what?! Posting these things regularly to a business blog associated with your website help to keep your company relevant in King Google’s eyes, which means you’ll be ranking higher when carpet cleaning is “googled.”

Writing these entries doesn’t have to be time-consuming or any kind of big production, so long as you are posting relevant, meaningful content. Show your personality, congratulate/brag about your technicians,  and enjoy writing. Do it regularly (at least monthly, but not more than weekly), and take pride in it. It’s a great opportunity to give your franchise a voice.

How Do I Make a Blog?

It’s really pretty easy. If you have a microsite from Web Marketing Services or even a “.net” site (all of you have one of those), you can access the editing platform through the Chem-Dry Gateway.

Here are the first steps and where you’ll go to get it done:

Step 1: Log in to the Chem-Dry gateway, and click on “Webmaster.”

Creating a Blog Step 1

Step 2: On the next screen, you’ll click on “Control Panel.”

Creating a Blog Step 2

Step 3: Select the website you’d like to edit. Every website you have from HRI will be listed here, whether it’s a “.net” site or a microsite with Web Marketing Services. Look at the red circled areas.

Creating a Blog Step 3

Step 4: You’ll be brought into a program called “Pagelime” that will give you options to edit your site. Click on “Site Pages” to view all the pages that currently exist on your website.

Creating a Blog Step 4

Step 5: Click on “create new page” to make a new page on the website.Creating a Blog Step 5

Step 6: Name your new page. Because, from a programming perspective, you’re creating a new file on the website, you’ll end the page name with “.php”. You’ll also be given a list of templates to choose from. These are, essentially, the format and appearance that your blog will have when it’s created.
Creating a Blog Step 6

Step 7: After you’ve clicked on “Create,” you’ll view your live page. Click on the “edit” button to change up the text and titles of your entry. That will at least get you started with your blog.Creating a Blog Step 7

If you need any help, you can contact the Web Marketing Services manager, Rob Ratliff. He’ll be happy to help you get started.

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