Local Search Directory Listings – How to Leverage ChemDry.com

Would you believe that, thanks to our SEO company (97th Floor), ChemDry.com has gone from many pages down to ranking in the top 5 for some of the most popular searches in the industry?! It’s true!

We’re consistently on the first page, if not Top 5 for:

“rug cleaning”

“carpet cleaning” (with an average monthly search volume of over 90K!)

“upholstery cleaning”

“tile and grout cleaning”

It makes you wonder, are YOU getting found on the Local Search Directory Program through ChemDry.com? Take a look at this picture.

LDSP Listings

See the different types of listings? In the purple field above, you have what’s called a “Premium” listing. It’s currently $105 per month (or $65 per month, depending on your contract date), and places you in a limelight for getting new customers. It gives you a landing page on ChemDry.com (can be linked to your PPC ads), and even gives customers the option to book an appointment online!

The second type of listing is just below there, called a “core” listing. It costs $40 per month (or included in your contract, again, depending on your contract renewal date). It still highlights the services you offer (see the little badges below the phone number?), links directly to your website, and (on the mobile site) allows customers to call you by just touching your phone number.

The last type of listing is at the bottom of the picture, showing just your franchise name, which links to your company website.

Looking at the picture above, which listings do you think get clicked on the most? If you answered “The premium listings”, you’re right. 9 times out of ten (that’s an actual statistic, not just a saying), visitors choose a premium listing.

Now, ask yourself. How many more jobs per month would you have to do to pay for a premium listing? One? Two? Whatever the real number is, it’s not much. Even if you just upgraded to the core listing and got one more job per month, that’s WELL worth it.

If you’d like to upgrade your Local Search Directory listing (and I strongly recommend you do), check out this video showing you how to do it.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Let’s go out and rock the carpet cleaning world!

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