Speaking “Subjectively”

I’ve often said that one of the most overlooked facets of a solid digital marketing strategy is a well-honed e-mail campaign.

E-mail is very inexpensive. It only takes a little time and (maybe) a small monthly subscription to a service like Constant Contact (which I highly recommend). And you don’t have to have a ton of technical knowledge or marketing prowess to create an effective campaign.

I dare say that most everyday e-mail marketers spend FAR too much time focused on only the SECOND most important aspect of their marketing – the content.

Don’t get me wrong, good content can be the difference between booking a job and having an open schedule. But unless your e-mail gets opened, your customers will never view the content you worked so hard for. What does the customer see first? The subject line.

That’s right. That little cluster of (hopefully) well-chosen words will be the difference of getting your carefully crafted e-mail opened or ignored.But how do you make sure it gets opened?

A few great tips and examples can be found here on a page from Pebble Design.


My #1 rule is: K.I.S.S. – Keep It Short & Simple. Don’t use 10 words when you can use 6. Communicate the actual topic of the email without giving away all the content.

And, when you feel like you’re ready to send it, take one more look and ask yourself, “Would I open this email based on the subject line?” If you can’t honestly say “Yes”, you still have some work to do.

With a little practice, and some trial and error, you’ll have a great targeted email campaign that keeps customers coming back for years to come.


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