E-Mail Dynamics

Have you ever been to a rock concert? Or even better, a live comedian (a GOOD one)? You’ll notice that any good performer always does something in their show – they customize their show to where they are. They acknowledge WHO they’re performing for!

A good comedian will always inject some local “joke” about a local politician or other public figure that the audience can easily relate to joking about. Did you know you can do a similar thing with your emails? And it’s EASY!

It’s something called “Dynamic Content”, or content that automatically personalizes the email from person to person. For instance, if I know I’m going to have a van out in one or more remote areas and they’re not fully booked, I can send out the same email to LOTS of people, address them by THEIR name, acknowledge where THEY live, and give THEM  a special deal if they book within the next 24 hours (just make sure your mailing list has their city listed along with their name).

Here’s how I’d do it in Constant Contact.

Step 1: Pick a template. I’ve picked a VERY basic one.

Dynamic Content Step 1

Step 2: Select the content block you’d like to work in.

Dynamic Content Step 2

Step 3: Select where you’d like to put the greeting. Then click over on the left menu where you see “Greeting”.

Dynamic Content Step 3

Step 4: Select what you’d like the greeting to be (including punctuation). In this case, I’ve elected to say “Hey, <First name>.”

Dynamic Content Step 4

It will look something like this:

Dynamic Content Step 5

And the finished product. This is a VERY simple example, obviously. However, it’s really not hard at all to create a personalized e-mail campaign that you can keep around for future mailings as well.

Dynamic Content Step 6

If you’d like to start some mailings like this, feel free to reach out to me, or call Constant Contact Customer Service by calling 1-866-289-2101. They’re SUPER helpful and can walk you through doing just about anything.

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