A New Advertising Management Dashboard – AdHawk

A couple weeks ago, one of our franchise owners asked a question about a new advertising tool – AdHawk. When I looked at the information available on their website, I was very AdHawkintrigued by their offering. So, I emailed and requested that the founder and I spend some time discussing the potential for our franchise network. He was very enthusiastic about sharing what AdHawk can do for Chem-Dry.

So, what is AdHawk?

AdHawk is a tool that aggregates cross-channel advertising data into a single dashboard that updates in real-time, gives you optimization tips that can be accepted or rejected in one click, and helps you work more closely with your advertising vendors. It includes:

  1. A mobile app – lets you analyze cross-channel (more than one ad platform) on the go. Gives you a “5,000 ft above” view of how your advertisements are doing.
  2. A web dashboard – you can build new campaigns, manage existing ones, and drill down to view your advertising platforms and relevant metrics without having to remember a dozen different logins.
  3. Automation tools that leverage their knowledge and understanding of digital advertising the spot trends in your data and improve performance.
    1. Meaning, AdHawk will make suggestions like “Zip code 12345 is performing 25% above its surrounding areas. Consider increasing your budget for this area.”

Right now, AdHawk is only optimized for three major advertising and social media platforms – Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. However, other platforms will be added as time goes on. You can expect to see Yahoo!, Bing, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

You can expect the service to be in the $200/mo range for most franchise owners and, while that may seem a little steep for some, I think it could be a VERY useful tool for those interested in keeping a close eye on your advertisements.

I’ll be getting a proper demo of the software sometime in February, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, take a look at a few of the screenshots from the program as it looks now.

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