E-mail Brevity


E-mail has been around for some twenty or twenty-five years now, and while the technology has certainly changed a great deal, the do’s and don’t’s haven’t changed much. And most of us are guilty of breaking more than just a few of them. In my career as a digital marketing specialist, my experience with e-mail has come down to a few key rules. I’ll share one with you now:


Keep it SHORT and RELEVANT. short & sweet

Make sure that you communicate clearly WHY you’re e-mailing them – whether it’s to confirm an appointment, give them a digital receipt or invoice, or just to let them know
it’s been 9 months since their last cleaning and you want to make a special offer.

People don’t take the time to read lengthy e-mails unless it’s a) from somebody close to them, or b) REALLY important.


When it really comes down to it, once a person opens your e-mail (see my post about subject lines here), you only have about 3 seconds to catch and keep their attention. Period.

Here’s what you should do.

Keep it short. Keep it simple. If possible, keep it under 100 words. Use a maximum of 2 graphics/photos/coupons (not including your company logo).

Give them exactly what they’re looking for, and do it quickly.

Good luck!


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