Leveraging PPC and the National Ad Campaign

I, for one, am very excited by the recent announcement at Convention in Miami that Harris Research will now be offering nationwide marketing and advertising to help franchises grow their businesses. Not only are we advertising for you, we’re doing it across multiple channels!
For instance, we’re using
marketing platforms such as SiriusXM radio,
 (otherwise known as “retargeting”) with display ads on the Google display network, and advertisements on websites like Forbes, CNN.com, and HGTV – just to name a few.   “re-marketing”
But how does this effect you, the individual franchise owner? Well, for one thing, it means you darn well better take advantage of Local Search Directory listings on ChemDry.com. All of these ads will encourage potential customers to go there and enter a ZIP code to find their local Chem-Dry franchise (you!). It would be a pity for you to miss the boat on something so easy.
But what if the person who hears the radio ad doesn’t actually go to ChemDry.com? What if, instead, they decide to just go to Google and search for “carpet cleaning”? Well, you’d want to show up there as well. In addition to ChemDry.com showing up in the organic rankings, wouldn’t it be helpful to have an ad there as well? The correct answer is, of course, “YES!”
Here’s what I recommend – talk to your Pay-Per-Click vendor and give them the dates of the seasonal two-week “flights” on SiriusXM and for our other ad campaigns online. Use Healthy Home messaging in your ads to capitalize on the advertising that HRI is doing for YOU!

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