Click-to-Call Accessibility – Are You Leaving Money Online?

2016-03-23 17.23.59You know when you Googled that restaurant on your phone last Friday night and Google offered to let you call right from the search results? You used a function called “click-to-call” which is becoming an increasingly popular method of reaching potential customers. In a day and age where everyone wants to know everything and they want to know it NOW, it’s become a necessity if you want to stay current.
Last year in the US alone, our economy saw $1.12 TRILLION in business sourced to click-to-call phone calls (made from mobile phones, obviously). That number is expected to grow by roughly $110 Million in 2016.
Can you believe that?!
Which will make you wonder – “Is my website mobile friendly? Can customers click-to-call when they Google for a carpet cleaner?” If your answer is “I don’t know”, I have a few suggestions for you.
These are the things you MUST do in order to capitalize on this surge in technology.
1) You MUST have your phone number registered with Google My Business listings.
2) You MUST utilize “Call Extensions” in Pay-Per-Click advertising (check with your vendor if you aren’t sure if you’re doing them).

3) You MUST have a mobile-friendly website that prominently shows either your phone number OR a “call button” (like in the picture on the right —–>) so customers can reach youquickly. A microsite from HRI is automatically responsive to mobile devices. is also mobile responsive. However, the websites are not “mobile friendly.” This is one major reason we recommend utilizing a microsite in addition to your .net.
If you’re not utilizing the ease of click-to-call technology, you’re probably leaving money online and not optimizing that Search Engine Optimization you and your vendor have been working so hard on. Make sure you do!

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