“Buying” Your Customers

 Would you be surprised if I said that you and your customers are not all that dissimilar? It’s true!
When it comes to finding the best fit for their needs, your customers are looking for an ideal balance of pricing and value. In other words, they want a service provider that will give them the best “return” on their money. Just like you!
Whenever you use a marketing outlet like Groupon or whether it be pay-per-click, money mailers, postcards, emailing your database, or social media, it doesn’t matter. You’re trying to find the highest quality customer for the best price. So, how do you make “buying” your customers pay off?
Here are my three tips to make sure you get matched up with your best customers and stop wasting money on ads that don’t pay off.
I don’t care if you use tracking phone numbers (Actually, I do. You should be using them.), or just using tick marks when a customer calls. You don’t know how well your marketing is working unless you track your efforts. You have to know what’s working and what isn’t. I recommend using services like Call Tracking Metrics or Service Hook to be able to accurately pair phone calls and jobs to marketing activities. Between that and using your job management software like onTrack, it’s not difficult to do the math and figure out what’s working best for you.
There are a few aspects to this.
First, make sure that some (if not all) of your messaging on all marketing platforms matches the national ad campaigns. On a national level, HRI will be focusing on driving awareness for Chem-Dry, so make sure your messaging matches up.
Second, make sure your offers are relevant to the time of year. Don’t let your holiday special PPC ad run in July. Focus on what people are going to be looking for (i.e. spring cleaning, allergen removal in summer, clean up for holiday parties, etc.).
Third, respond quickly. If you use services like Thumbtack, you may get interest from customers that you’re paying for them to get in touch. If at all possible, make sure you respond within an hour (if not 15 minutes or sooner). Most of the customers who are looking for quotes services like that are less price-sensitive. The job usually goes to one of the first two responses.
Your ideal customer is someone who understands the value in having Chem-Dry clean their carpets. Clearly communicate value from the get-go. Don’t undersell yourself by submitting a bid or placing an ad that is below your standard. Let the other guys take the low-value jobs. In all of your ads, quotes, and listings, make sure you communicate the WHY. Why should they hire you? Why are you different? Why are you more expensive? Why are you the best?

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