Changes – Part II

Last week, you read an email from me that may or may not have rocked your world. It seems every time Big Bad Google makes a change of any sort, the internet let’s off a huge *gasp*. Well, make sure you’re sitting down for this one.

sidebar-elimination-example.sm_Last week, I showed you this picture on the right and told you about how the new search results page would be changing by dropping the sidebar ads, making it ever more important that you aim for the top three spots in ad rankings. If you missed that post, you can find it here.
While what I said is still true, I’d like to add something to it. Look just below the ads where you see the map and all the little red dots. Yep, the Google Map listings.


Put Me On The Map
I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to show up in the Google Map listings, and I discuss that more in-depth here. The answer is to get more Google reviews. They’re the crème dela crème of online reviews. They literally are the most valuable reviews you will ever get, but they’re the hardest to get. But, why?
The short answer is that Google doesn’t necessarily make it easy for any John Doe to go and leave a review. You have to have a Google account. In other words, Google has to know who you are.
But wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that would help you reach out to your customers and request those super-valuable reviews? Believe it or not, the magical solution is to get a Local Search Directory Listing. No, I’m not kidding.
How Does Local Search Directory Get Me Reviews?
Well, the honest answer is that it doesn’t do it automatically, but it gives you the tools to do it. When you subscribe to a Local Search DirectoryPremium listing, you automatically get the Review Trackers service (usually a $50/mo cost) for FREE!
Review Trackers is a dynamic program that lets you automatically send your customers an email right after you’ve worked in their homes. In the email will be an invitation to give you a private review on a scale of 1-5 stars. If they respond with a 4-5 star review, you get the update and they get an automatic response thanking them for the great review. They’ll also be asked to share their review on your Google Plus, Yelp and other accounts that are linked in the email.
If, for whatever reason, they decide that you deserve a 0-3 star review, you get an update and you’re encouraged to call them backimmediately to offer to fix whatever problems they had and help them turn that poor review into a 5-star.
AND, guess what happens when you get a review posted to those sites? Because your Local Search page is linked to your Yelp and Google Plus pages, they automatically update to your Local Search page and help you stand out as the awesome franchise that you are!
What Now?
So, what do you need to do to take advantage of such a breakthrough?
  1. Get a Local Search Premium subscription. Call Web Marketing Services for more information.
  2. Get the links for your Yelp and Google+ pages so they can be linked on your Local Search page.

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