Analyze THIS!

One thing I often hear from franchise owners is that they don’t have the time to understand or really analyze the reports they get from their digital marketing vendors. I completely understand the confusion. Not only is there a lot of information in the reports, but unless you spend your life online (like me), it can be hard to understand where all the data is coming from and what it means for you and your business. Let’s shed some light on it.

Breaking it Down
Your SEO and Google Analytics report may look daunting, but it can be broken down into a few key elements – Traffic, Rankings, and Keywords.
Let’s take a little closer look.
Your traffic metrics are just what they sound like – traffic to your website.
One of the first graphs you’ll see is a comparison of daily traffic, or visits to your website, compared to the previous month. Don’t worry if the lines don’t match up perfectly because you’ll different dates of the month fall on different days of the week.
The important things to note are the increases or decreases in traffic.
The second graph you may see is a table describing where the traffic came from whether it was a “referral” (came from some other website than Google), “organic search” (showing up in Google search results), “direct” (someone typed in your web address), “social” (got there from Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or “paid search” (PPC ad).
Once again, these statistics are in comparison to the previous month. You’ll compare performance metrics such as “sessions” (times people were on your website), “new users” (new visitors or, at least, new IP addresses), “bounce rate” (percentage of visitors that leave without taking any action), and “pages per session” (how many different pages visitors view each time they visit).
Ranking seems to be the metric that most people are concerned with because it tells you how you’re likely doing compared to your competition. It’s definitely one to watch.
Something to keep in mind, however, is that ranking is not everything. You can still be getting good traffic to your website without it showing up at the top of the list. And I can’t emphasize enough that IT TAKES TIME to climb in rankings.
Like the previous examples, this graph is comparing to the prior month. In this case, the average position (ranking) has actually slipped just slightly (something to be aware of, but not overly concerning). However, the overall clicks and impressions (times they’ve shown up) are on the rise.
“Keywords” is another word for “search terms” that are typed into a search engine like Google. The keyword that is entered starts a search for relevant results.
A keywords report lets you know how you are ranking and performing for individual keywords for the past month. 
If you look at this report and don’t see a keyword you’d like to see, you can then get with your SEO vendor and tell them what you’re seeing. Remember that you generally know your territory better than your vendor, so don’t be afraid to recommend new keywords like “pet urine odor” or “fast drying carpet.”
Stay in the Loop
It’s important that you stay in touch with your vendor and hold them accountable. Don’t just set their reports aside. Talk with them and help them strategize about what you’d like to see happen.
Also, don’t forget to register to receive notifications about upcoming webinars. June will be focused on Pay-Per-Click advertising.You won’t want to miss these!

“Brace Yourselves…” SUMMER is Coming

2016-05-23 09.19.33With the weather warming up (at least in most parts of the country – sorry east coasters!), it’s time to look toward the busy season.
Yes, that means we can probably look for your schedules to be filling up a bit more easily now, but that’s never a guarantee. We all know that marketing is no longer as simple as having a listing in the Yellow Pages. You have to be more proactive.
What’s in the National Ad Campaign?
By now, most of you should be at least somewhat familiar with our National Marketing Campaign that we’ll be conducting this year. If this is the first you’re hearing about it… SURPRISE! HRI is doing Chem-Dry advertising on a national level – all focused on building impressions to help your franchises get more customers and expand our market share.
So what’s in it? Let’s sum it up quickly.
 – 4 quarterly flights (advertising timeframes) on SiriusXM radio inviting people to go to findmychemdry.com to find their local Chem-Dry franchise.
 – Targeted display and video advertising on websites like CNN.com, HGTV.com and USA Today. This includes “pre-roll” which shows a short ad before video content.
 – “Re-marketing” (sometimes called “retargeting”)
 – Social media campaigns.
These campaigns will be spread out through hot times of the year and focused on seasonal topics such as spring cleaning, summer & pets, back to school, and holidays.National Ad Campaign
How Does This Affect You?
Well, I suppose first we ought to address the elephant in the room. All this advertising is to raise brand awareness and encourage people to go to ChemDry.com to search for a local franchise. You should make sure that you’re showing up there.
The next thing to address is what if the customer doesn’t remember to search for Chem-Dry? Let’s face it, that’s bound to happen (even if we have a catchy jingle). You want to make sure that you’re showing up for the things people are searching for.
For instance, this summer’s campaign is going to be focused on summer allergies and PURT. Maybe you should adjust AdWords campaigns to show up for “carpet cleaning allergies”, “allergies in carpet”,  “carpet pet urine removal”, or “carpet smells like dog urine.”
Make sure your website is talking about the services you offer and work with your SEO vendor to focus on hot topics for upcoming campaigns. (Start strategizing for Back to School!)
What Now?
So, what do you need to do to take advantage of our National Advertising?
  1. Get a Local Search Premium subscription. Call Web Marketing Services for more information.
  2. Talk to your PPC and SEO vendors about using it.
  3. TRACK your efforts by using services like Call Tracking Metrics and Service Hook.
  4. Click HERE to register to receive invitations for upcoming digital marketing webinars!
If you ever have any questions about how your marketing is performing, or need some ideas for advertising, reach out to me and we’ll talk about it – whether you’re using a vendor or doing it yourself. That’s why I’m here.

Featuring Protectant in Advertisements

In my many coaching interactions with franchise owners, my biggest focus is to help them utilize advertising and marketing avenues to not only increase job count, but also to increase their profit margins. Too many of us get caught up in trying to use ads only to get more jobs, but why not use it to get BETTER jobs?
Here’s what I mean. Many in our franchise network do not offer Protectant. Can you imagine that there are actually some who don’t leverage this remarkable solution that refreshes the popular stain fighting power on carpets? It’s an opportunity lost. Imagine the possibilities.
Many of you have campaigns using Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, even postcards and emails that are focused on landing a job using your basic cleaning statistics and quotes. But what about talking about Protectant when someone may be looking for information about keeping stains out of their carpet? Here’s an example:

What I Would Do

If I were setting up a new campaign, I would come up with ads that feature my different services and offerings. Here are a few examples:


I would try and have a PPC ad campaign focused just on people who are looking for protecting their carpets. You can do the same thing you do for tile & stone, granite, and leather.*
Or make it more promotional like this one:

* please make sure your ads meet the Advertising Rules & Guidelines and include your Full Franchise Name instead of the generic ‘Chem-Dry’. 


When you email a customer, a best practice is to give them something quick and easy to take action on, whether it’s calling you right away or watching a video. Why not show your customer the Protectant demo video?

Another option with email is using a feature from Constant Contact called “Offers“. You can make an irresistible offer to your customer (like HALF OFF Protectant) on a whole-house special. They purchase the offer, and they can even share the deal with friends. A great way to move your audience to action, and to get them to spread the word about your services.   – Be sure to feature a coupon that the customer should show you in order to get the discount and to include your standard disclaimers such as ‘Not valid with other offers. Must mention at time of scheduling. Expires XX/XX/XX.” 

Where Else Could You Sell Upgrades?

All of our other services like tile & stone, granite renewal, Protectant, healthy home (Clean, Sanitize & Protect), and so many others are examples of how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. These are not only revenue generators, but they’re value propositions for your customers. When you explain that you can not only clean and sanitize their carpets, but you can protect them from further stains, you enhance the perceived value of your services in your customer’s eyes.
So, where else can you highlight your expanded services? How can you advertise not only to get more jobs, but to increase your profits? Make a list and get out the good word about Protectant and other upsells.

Streamlining Your Digital Marketing

With the busy season approaching (for many of you it’s already started), it’s more important now than ever to make sure that you have things lined up for your marketing. It seems a bit unfair that the time when marketing is most important also tends to fall during the time when you have the least bandwidth.
But don’t despair! I have a few tips for you!
Keep Your Message the Same
One of the biggest struggles that I hear from franchise owners is that they struggle to create meaningful content for their marketing outlets. Whether it’s finding or creating pictures, writing copy, or planning where to send the message, it can take quite a lot of time – especially if you don’t have a large library of past content at your disposal.
Here’s what I recommend: Share the same message everywhere for each wave of communication. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, email, or in a newsletter. Don’t worry about coming up with new stuff for every outlet. Keep it simple, short, and use the same message across the board. It cuts down on the time, and actually comes off very professionally and unified.
Use the National Advertising Campaign & Marketing Toolbox
Did you know that we’ve published the ads from our recent SiriusXM radio campaign on the Chem-Dry Gateway? It’s true!
If you go to the Marketing Toolbox and click on the “Allergen/Health Studies” tab, you’ll find the scripts under “Radio Advertising.” That’s not to mention infographics, images, videos, and press releases full of text for you to use in your own marketing efforts!
See how easy we’ve made this for you?
Leverage Vendors Like WMS
HRI’s Web Marketing services does a fantastic job of staying abreast ofthe latest and greatest practices for digital marketing success. I meet with their manager several times every week to discuss the newest and best techniques to bring you the best possible results.
They also spend a lot of time getting to know the national ad messaging so they can represent the brand. If you’re looking for input for your own marketing, PLEASE use them as a resource – even if you’re not currently a subscriber to one of their services. Call them at 435-890-3050.
Final Thoughts:
 – You should plan on keeping your marketing messages short, simple, and to the point – especially on Facebook and in email.
 – Pair up your messaging with the focuses of our national advertising campaigns (calendar also available in the gateway). Specifically do this at least for potential customers.
 – If you’re going to broadcast an advertisement in multiple places, make sure you have someone proofread it. Feel free to send me anything you’d like to have a second pair of eyes on.