Streamlining Your Digital Marketing

With the busy season approaching (for many of you it’s already started), it’s more important now than ever to make sure that you have things lined up for your marketing. It seems a bit unfair that the time when marketing is most important also tends to fall during the time when you have the least bandwidth.
But don’t despair! I have a few tips for you!
Keep Your Message the Same
One of the biggest struggles that I hear from franchise owners is that they struggle to create meaningful content for their marketing outlets. Whether it’s finding or creating pictures, writing copy, or planning where to send the message, it can take quite a lot of time – especially if you don’t have a large library of past content at your disposal.
Here’s what I recommend: Share the same message everywhere for each wave of communication. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, email, or in a newsletter. Don’t worry about coming up with new stuff for every outlet. Keep it simple, short, and use the same message across the board. It cuts down on the time, and actually comes off very professionally and unified.
Use the National Advertising Campaign & Marketing Toolbox
Did you know that we’ve published the ads from our recent SiriusXM radio campaign on the Chem-Dry Gateway? It’s true!
If you go to the Marketing Toolbox and click on the “Allergen/Health Studies” tab, you’ll find the scripts under “Radio Advertising.” That’s not to mention infographics, images, videos, and press releases full of text for you to use in your own marketing efforts!
See how easy we’ve made this for you?
Leverage Vendors Like WMS
HRI’s Web Marketing services does a fantastic job of staying abreast ofthe latest and greatest practices for digital marketing success. I meet with their manager several times every week to discuss the newest and best techniques to bring you the best possible results.
They also spend a lot of time getting to know the national ad messaging so they can represent the brand. If you’re looking for input for your own marketing, PLEASE use them as a resource – even if you’re not currently a subscriber to one of their services. Call them at 435-890-3050.
Final Thoughts:
 – You should plan on keeping your marketing messages short, simple, and to the point – especially on Facebook and in email.
 – Pair up your messaging with the focuses of our national advertising campaigns (calendar also available in the gateway). Specifically do this at least for potential customers.
 – If you’re going to broadcast an advertisement in multiple places, make sure you have someone proofread it. Feel free to send me anything you’d like to have a second pair of eyes on.

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