Making the Move to Mobile

Our world and our customers are becoming more and more connected day by day. In fact, did you know that about 60% of American’s now own/use a smartphone? That means nearly 200 MILLION potential customers are connected to the internet 24/7.

Device Usage


43% of Google searches happen on mobile phones.

43% of consumers use their smartphones for searching locally. Furthermore, about 68% of mobile searches happen at home, when there are larger-screen options available. You’d better have a mobile-friendly website for them to use.



80% use search engines for local business info.











Not only are people using more of their mobile devices for searches, but they’re also researching businesses prices, services, and reviews through search engines, and mobile apps. When you show up, are people seeing the best you have to offer?

When People are Online


43% of people watch TV and use a mobile phone at the same time.

So, not only are people using their mobile devices to search, but they’re doing it at the same time they’re doing other things. Who says we can’t multi-task?


43% of people report that they are guilty of using other devices while watching TV. Come on, admit it. You’ve done this too.


54% of “multi-taskers” use their smartphone while watching TV.

On top of that, of all those people who are “multi-tasking”, over HALF of them are using a smart phone. That means they’re either playing Candy Crush, cruising Facebook, or looking up things that they’re seeing.
That means you have opportunities to show up, even when someone sees a commercial from those Steemer guys.

What Now?

So, what do you need to do to take advantage of mobile technology?
  1. Make sure your website is “mobile friendly” or “mobile responsive.” That means your website automatically adjusts based on what device is accessing it.
  2. Target mobile devices with Pay-Per-Click ads. Also don’t forget about the opportunity for click-to-call conversion with PPC.
  3. Get a Local Search Directory listing. Almost 60% of visits to are from smartphones.
If you ever have any questions about how your marketing is performing, reach out to me and we’ll talk about it – whether you’re using a vendor or doing it yourself.

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