What’s with Facebook?

Last week and today, we had a couple webinars that explain a few common questions that I get:
First: How do I create and run my own business Facebook page and why is it so hard?
Second: How do I get reviews on my Facebook page and how can they grow my business?
Creating an Effective Business Facebook Page
Since 80% of Americans have active Facebook accounts (some MUCH more active than others – you know that friend I’m talking about), it’s behooves you as a business owner to have a presence where potentially millions of you customers are. Facebook is more than a place to play Candy Crush. It’s a great place to find customers.
When you set up a Facebook business page, you start with the basics. Start with the type of business you are (a small local business), your contact information, a profile picture, cover photo, and a post. The rest is easy. Just have a presence, respond to people when you’re found, and make a regular post. There are tools that you can use that make your life easier when managing your social media – including an app for managing your Facebook business page. Yep! There’s an app for that.
Watch this tutorial about how to create and manage a successful business page using the world’s largest social network.
Social Media & Reviews:
Usually, when we think about business reviews, we think about places like Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List. Facebook seems to be down the list a bit. Why is that?
Probably because people think of Facebook as mostly a social venue, not a place for business. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook is a very common place to seek out local businesses – especially with the pending advent of Facebook Services.
Facebook offers you the ability to be mentioned and recommended by customers. They can post pictures on their own timelines, tag you in them, ask questions, and connect with you on a regular basis. You can even upload a list of your past customers and advertise specifically to them!
Watch the 30-minute webinar here to find out how.
I’ve Watched the Webinars. Now what?
You should probably take some time to inventory where you are in regards to having an effective Facebook page. Here’s what you should do:
  1. Go to your Facebook page and see how many likes you have. How many reviews? Do you have services listed? Offers?
  2. Call me. I want to talk to you about your Facebook page and help you get more out of it. Even if you’re working with a vendor, let’s get together.
  3. Sign up for our last webinar of the month focused on creating a joint venture between you and other local business on Facebook.

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