Advertising for Profit

Every now and then I get a phone call from a franchise owner saying, “I’m not getting enough jobs. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”
Many times, they’ve already jumped to the conclusion that there is no way for them to stay in business unless they’re doing 5 jobs a day on one van. That’s patently untrue and here’s why.
It’s Not Your Number of Jobs
Here’s a little question for you:
Would you rather do 5 jobs at $200 each or do one $1,000 job in a day?
Hopefully, you answered right away that you’d rather do the single job and make more money. Not only will you save on travel time and overhead, you’ll also save on advertising expense. But how do you get those high-ticket jobs? Partially, it’s your ability to sell within the home. But what if the majority of the calls you got were for big-ticket jobs? Think about that.
The key here is to advertise to big ticket jobs. Yes, advertising “budget” cleanings will fill your schedule, but they won’t fill your bank account as quickly.
Why not, instead advertise to services that will increase profits and job averages? Want to make more money? Advertise to the RIGHT customers.
Meat vs. Potatoes
Don’t get me wrong, because you can certainly run your business on budget jobs that will fill up your schedule, and you’ll do okay. But why not target more “meaty” prospects? “Potatoes” will fill you up, but don’t offer much nutrition to a business (my Idaho roots are showing through).
A little while ago, I hosted a webinar about using strategic keywords that will make you more money on your AdWords campaigns. Things like highlighting PURT, protectant, and sanitization. These aspects of your company are where the real money is made.
One franchise I’ve been working with recently reported that their PPC campaign focused on PURT boasts a 20:1 return! Why? Because a) the clicks for these search terms (“urine in carpet”, etc.) are searched less often and therefore less expensive and b) the profit margin on services like PURT is around 1000%.
But this isn’t just true about Pay-Per-Click.
Other Ads
With other digital marketing advertisements platforms, you also have the ability to pinpoint your target customer, but in a slightly different way.
For instance, with Facebook advertisements, you can create an ad that focuses on exactly what makes you money – PURT, green certified cleaning, and other things. Create an ad that highlights those services, and then you aim them at people who are interested in them – such as pet enthusiasts, hybrid car owners, or environmentalists.
Focus your advertisements on what makes you different, because what makes you different as a Chem-Dry franchise is what makes you successful.
Big Takeaway:
You need to focus a fair portion of your advertising budget toward targeted ads like PURT, Green Certified, and other specialty services.
  1. Work with your PPC vendor to write topical ads and construct search term lists for those ads.
  2. Compile a list of customers with email addresses to use for Facebook ads.
  3. Respond to this email to get some ideas of how to capitalize on unique Chem-Dry services to build your business.
Take control of your digital marketing today and establish a better future for your business. Then register to receive updates about future webinarson digital marketing.

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