Well, Dagnabbit, Facebook…


Just when I’d run a webinar about how to set up and navigate your company Facebook page, they go and change everything… Gah!
Changes to Your Business Facebook Page
Let’s start off with the basics. First things first.
Facebook decided to change the layout of your business page, like you see in the picture above. Huge changes? No. But they make take a little getting used to.
Basically, what’s happened is that the controls for your page have moved over to the left side of the screen. What used to be along the bottom of the cover photo (the big photo at the top) is now arranged vertically on the left side.
What’s nice about this new layout: 
I feel it actually gets things out of the way a bit more so that the content you post on the page is more immediately visible.
The different sections of the page should be easier to navigate for your customers. AND now every section of your page has a header on the left, where before there were only 2 or three and then the “MORE” section.
You can also customize the order of the sections on the left side with this tool:
What About Mobile?
In my webinar, I also talked briefly about managing your Facebook page through the mobile app, “Pages”.
It’s appearance also changed just slightly, but it has a similar feel and function to the actual desktop page.
Here are a couple screen shots:
2016-08-05 13.58.00
Your Home Screen
You’ll find that the appearance of your home screen in the app is very similar to the home screen of the desktop version, only instead of the information tabs being on the left, they line the bottom of your screen horizontally.
Still, this makes the page very easy to navigate for the end user.
2016-08-05 13.58.31
Services Tab
Probably the most important tab for your page in the mobile version (after the home page, of course). Make sure you have pictures and services highlighted in this section. It allows you to give a brief explanation of the service as well as a base price.
Big Takeaway:
I believe the changes in the layout of your business pages will be overall beneficial to your business and user’s experience. Here are my big takeaways.
  1. Make sure you have the “action button” programmed on your page. I recommend having it programmed with “Call Now” so that mobile users can get on the phone with you immediately.
  2. I also recommend a cover photo with your company name and phone number visible in it.
  3. You should have services highlighted from every category of your company (i.e. at least one about carpet cleaning, one for tile, one for upholstery, etc.).
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