“Running” Your Digital Marketing

Angry Woman Runner

Running has been on my mind a lot lately as I’m preparing for a race that’s probably going to kill me – or, at least, it seems like it.
I realized that running a digital marketing campaign is a lot like the exercise I go through to prepare for a race. And it’s more than just putting in the miles. I’ll explain why.
You Have to Start Somewhere
Having just finished the Olympic games in Rio, we beheld some of the greatest athletic
spectacles in history. But do you think amazing runners like Usain Bolt started at the top of the game?
No way.
I’ve recently been listening to an amazing book, Talent Isn’t Everything, by Geoff Colvin. In his book he discusses how while some people may be born with an innate ability, it really comes down to what they do on a day-to-day basis that makes them successful.
So whether you’re preparing to run a marathon or a Chem-Dry franchise, what it really comes down to is starting today. Maybe you can knock out a 5 K on your first try, maybe you can’t. The important thing is to lace up your shoes and put in some distance TODAY.
The Thing You MUST Do:
If you’re going to be successful building your business online, you MUST do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I know too many franchisees who aren’t doing it, and it shows.
SEO is like the daily miles that you have just have to put in. When you first start, you probably won’t see much improvement and you’d think to yourself, “Why am I doing this?! It’s not making a difference!” – but you’d be wrong.
With consistent (read: “persistent”) workouts, you establish a base to build upon. With every additional mile (page, article, link, photo on your website), you expand your experience and you start to see new “results” (customers) trickle in. After a few months, you realize that things are getting easier and looking back at where you started from, your only regret is having not gotten started earlier.
The Things You SHOULD Do:
Successful runners don’t simply log miles. They add things to their regiment. Likewise, successful digital marketers don’t rely solely on their website to bring in customers. They can’t afford to rest on their laurels.
PPC is like the tempo exercise (they’re just as fun as they sound – NOT). It’s something you do methodically, intentionally, and it takes EFFORT (money). But the benefits are long-lasting. You get more customers more quickly, but at more cost. Too many people I talk to tell me that they can’t afford to do PPC, but my response is almost always, “You can’t afford NOT to do PPC.” If you want faster results from digital marketing, you need to do hard things.
Social Media
Social Media is like cross-training. This is where you get to do something a little more fun to mix it up – playing basketball, step aerobics, cycling, soccer, swimming, etc. With social media, you get the chance to invite interaction with your customers and be more personable. It’s less about sales (hitting pace goals, for example) and more about strengthening auxiliaries (other muscle groups). Just like there are exercises that are better than others, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about Social Media.
E-Mail marketing should be an integral part of your digital marketing regiment. Not doing e-mail to reach past customers is like seriously training to run a marathon, but eating fast food every day. You need a steady, balanced diet of customers you know will help your business to reach your goals. Ideally, 70-80% of your jobs will be return customers. E-mail is the least expensive way to reach them. Do it.
Big Takeaway:
Running your digital marketing needs a few things:
  1. Start NOW. If you’re not doing it, you’re already behind. Don’t wait. If you don’t know where to start, call me. TODAY.
  2. Supplement what you’re already doing. Cross train. Fartlek. Do something.
  3. Make a plan for success. Set goals. Give yourself realistic expectations for performance. Then execute.
Take control of your digital marketing today and establish a better future for your business. Then register to receive updates about future webinars on digital marketing.

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