Being “Findable” – on Facebook

If you feel like I spend all these blog posts yammering about how much you should be doing with social media, prepare for another one. I’ll keep it short this time, I promise.

Your Business Facebook Page 

A while back, I did a webinar about setting up a Facebook page for your business. It’s an essential part of your online business. Facebook is a fantastic place to inexpensively build customer relationships and nurture a following. You should post regularly, and invite customers to review your business.

Another thing you should absolutely do is make sure you have a custom Facebook URL. So, instead of having a randomly assigned one, which will look something like “”, you should have an address that looks like “”.


Now, you may be sitting there scratching your head wondering why it makes a difference. I’ll tell you.

When it comes to search dominance and SEO, having an actual name or search term in a web address (URL) adds a TON of strength. Ideally, your Facebook page should immediately show up as a top result if and when anyone types the name of your business into Google.

It also makes it much easier to find you when you leave a card behind at a customer’s house and ask them to give you a review.


If you’ve created a Facebook Page, you should be able to change the URL for it pretty easily. Here’s how:

1) If you’re logged in and looking at your Facebook Page, click on the  “About” section on the left-hand side of the page.



2) You’re now looking at the “Page Info” section. Where you see “Username”, hover
your mouse over the “Edit” icon, which will bring up a prompt screen to let you change the username for your business (which changes the URL).




3) Type in the username you want. You can only use letters, numbers, and/or periods.




What Should I Change it To?

I recommend making your username/URL something that’s easy to type in, and as simple to remember as possible. So, like I showed above, if the name of my business were “Scott’s Chem-Dry”, I would make it something like “ScottsChemDry” (notice the lack of a “-” because I can’t use one) or “ScottsCD”.

You may also consider doing something that has more to do with the area you service. For instance, you could make your username “ChicagoCarpetCleaning” if it’s available. While there’s a benefit to having a name like that, you have to remember that you can only choose your username/URL once. After you’ve assigned it, Facebook won’t let you change it without starting up an entirely new page.

In the long run, I’d recommend simply making it your business name, but it’s your business.

Big Takeaway:

Giving your Facebook page a custom URL doesn’t sound like it would do that much, but it can significantly affect the way people find you. And it’s so quick it just makes sense to change it. Do it TODAY!
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