Split Testing for Better Results

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I love marketing. So much of it is like working in a laboratory trying to find the perfect formula or cure for a disease. While you may not need to get as deep into marketing tests as a professional agency, there are a few simple tests you can run in your own campaigns to see what works best. The easiest way to do it is with a “split test“. Let’s take a look at my favorite avenue – PPC – to see how to apply a split test.

The Key to a Successful Split TestSource_ NeilPatel.com

When scientists conduct experiments, they start with a base (known as the “control”) and then re-conduct the experiment only changing one variable and noting the difference in result.

In marketing, we do the same thing by having two ads that are identical with only one difference between them – an image, an offer, headline, etc. Just make sure you only change ONE thing.

PPC Split Tests

Let’s take a look at Pay-Per-Click.

Without getting too technical, it’s easy to perform a split test with PPC ads. All you have to do is create two different versions of the ad based on the same list of keywords (this happens by simply creating two ads in the same ad group on AdWords). Now you can see if an offer in the headline or a catchy line works better. Or maybe test a dollar discount vs. a percentage discount. Take a look at what I mean.

Compared to:

A small difference in the offer can be very interesting to watch. Now, whether one offer is more beneficial to you, that’s up to you do decide.

***Quick Tip*** If you are doing split tests between two ads, make sure that you have call extensions on the ads (making your phone number appear on them) so you can not only track how many overall clicks you get, but also how many calls came through.

Other Options 

Of course, you can use split testing with other aspects of marketing too. From postcards to Facebook ads, the only limit of what you can do is your own creativity.

If you’re working with an online digital marketing vendor, you can also have them create custom landing pages for your ads to see what converts better or generates more calls. Ask your vendor what testing they’ve done for your ads and see what they can show you.

Big Takeaway:

Your business may be missing out on potential revenue because your message or delivery wasn’t quite right. In today’s ever changing world of technology and customer engagement, you should be trying new things.
  1. Create a test between two PPC ads that will show what’s more enticing to your customers.
  2. Talk to your marketing vendor and find out what tests they’ve conducted recently. They should have things ready to show you.
Take control of your online marketing today and establish a better future for your business by testing new things. Then register to receive updates about future webinars on digital marketing.

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