Using for Pay-Per-Click

Earlier this year, I got quite a few questions from people when I shared a tip that you can use as a destination for Pay-Per-Click ads to not only increase your ranking, but also save money on clicks.

It think it’s time to revisit that concept.

Why Do It?

Here’s the thing. HRI has put a lot of effort into making sure that shows as one of the top 3 search results across the country for the most competitive and generic search terms like “carpet cleaning.” Those terms seem to be so elusive and hard for individual franchises to put the funds and means behind them that we are excited to be able to help in that regard.

With that end in mind, we’ve created a way for your business to leverage that exposure and support the brand through participation in the Local Search Directory program. This program gives you a few options for your business, the top tier or which is the “Premium” listing. That listing not only gives you a more prominent placement on the zip code search results page, but it also gives you a customizeable landing page that uses the URL. Here’s why that matters.


How it Affects PPC

The way ad placements work within Google’s AdWords “marketplace” is such that your placement results are the product of an insanely complicated algorithm that changes daily and considers five primary variables (in no particular order): 1) your maximum bid, 2) the quality/relevance of your ad to the words in the search,  3) the page that your ad is being sent to, 4) time of day/week, and 5) popularity of the word(s) that were being searched.

You see, Google is in the business of getting people as much relevant information as they can – as quickly as they can. A way to combat the cost of Pay-Per-Click is to have a solid ad that: a) is relevant to the search, b) well written, c) use a very solid landing page (like uses content that Google sees as highly relevant, which adds a few brownie points into your “account” for when you place your bid for an ad. Instead of sending an ad to “”, Google recognizes sending an ad to as a more relevant choice. And you had to do next to ZERO work on the page.

Most franchises that adopt this practice for the highly competitive search terms like “carpet cleaning”, “carpet cleaners”, “upholstery cleaning”, and “tile cleaning” are seeing significant decreases in their cost per click (some as much as 40%) as well as an increase in their click-through-rate (up to 100% in some cases). That means more exposure for less money than it would have cost.

A Few Words of Caution

I give you these tips to help you leverage the SEO value of, but I do so with a few caveats.

  1. MAKE SURE your URL is correct when you start sending ads there. The best way to do so is to go to the zip code search, click on your listing, and copy the address for your landing page. If you don’t get it right, the clicker will go to the zip code search by default and you’ll run the risk of paying for a click that may not go to you.
  2. Create ads specifically for If I were running the ads myself, I would keep the ads separate from the ads for my own website. That will make sure I can measure the efficacy of the ad campaigns separately.
  3. Only use your landing page for the high volume search terms. Things like “carpet cleaning”, “carpet cleaners” and the others I listed above are best used for these ads. For more localized ads, you’re better off using your own website that has been optimized for your location.

Big Takeaway:

Local Search listings on can increase your business, especially combined with national advertising efforts. Franchises that have Premium listings are reporting an average of 14 calls per month sourced to their listing.
  1. Get a Premium Listing on by signing up through the Gateway.
  2. Share your local listing address and this e-mail with your PPC vendor.
  3. For added track-ability, consider adding a Call Tracking Metrics number to your Local Search page.
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