Be There When It’s Relevant

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Now that it’s December, while most people are getting ready for all the parties, you’re preparing in a different way – to clean up after them.

Let’s make sure you time your marketing to reach your customers when they’re thinking about it. Here are a few suggestions:

Facebook & Instagram

Think about your core demographic. Where do they spend a lot of time – especially during/after the holidays – where they might see you? They’re checking out videos and pictures of their friends and family on Facebook and Instagram. That means it’s a perfect opportunity to plant the seed BEFORE they need it.

I recommend placing a few strategic ads during weeknight evenings targeted at your audience – especially if you can highlight some before & after shots of what you’re capable of as the best carpet cleaner around.

Use some catchy headlines like “We can cure at least ONE of your New Years’ headaches” or “In-Laws coming? We’ll let YOU take the credit.”

You can try to book the job right away, or you can just let the message marinate for a few days. Then, when the moment comes, BLAST THEM!

*****Expert Tip***** Make sure your website is using the Facebook Pixel, which tracks whenever a customer goes to your website and connects to their Facebook account. That way, if they visited your site, you can aim some ads specifically at them.


Yes, I’m going to talk about e-mail. Again.

Guess what? Christmas and New Years are on Sundays this year. Lots of people will have the 26th and 2nd off work, which they’ll likely spend trying to recover from the festivities and figure out how they’re going to clean up the mess and (in some cases) get rid of their hangover.

Why not time a friendly e-mail reminder to them that morning that YOU can solve the problem for them, AND help provide a healthier winter for their family?

Once again, you can utilize the before/after pictures. THANK THEM for being your customer, and give them an exclusive offer for a limited number of time slots over the next 2-3 days.

******Special Note****** You MUST include your phone number in this e-mail, and make sure it is front and center so it’s easy to call you quickly.


Talk to your PPC vendor about creating a series of ads specifically about party and holiday cleanup that will go live and have higher bids the day after. You can strike while the iron is hot.

*****Do This****
Create a list of keywords that are focused on that problem you’re going to solve (“getting vomit out of carpet”, “wine stain on sofa”, etc.). It may also help to come up with some fun/funny headlines and text like “party cleanup specialists” or “have too much fun last night?”

*****Bonus Tip*****
If you have a list of customer e-mail addresses, make sure your vendor uploads it to AdWords. When Google recognizes a search from an account with a registered e-mail address, your ads will get priority since they’re already in your customer database. (Bet you didn’t know that, did you?)

Big Takeaway:

You have lots of ways to connect with your customers this holiday season and help them by easing their burden.

Don’t miss out on them!
  1. Create Facebook and Instagram ads that will target and re-target your customers during the holidays.
  2. E-mail your database during key times when they’re likely to recognize the need to have you clean for them.
  3. When your customer Googles “carpet cleaning” in the morning, you want to be there.

Want some help getting all this going? Schedule a time for some help. Then register to receive updates about future webinars on digital marketing.

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