Why Hiring a Digital Vendor is Worthwhile

In my work as a business coach and in my conversations with business owners, I often have to ask myself “Is this something I’d be willing to do myself?” Even though I consider myself a “jack of all trades,” especially where it comes to digital marketing, there comes a point where I have to admit that I’ve reached my limit of ability and need to bring someone else on board.
Could I learn to do it myself effectively? Probably.
Would it be worth hiring someone else to do it? Probably.
I’ve been harping for years now about how important it is to be doing online marketing. As a business owner, you have to be willing to ask yourself “If I’m not getting it done, is it important enough to have someone do it for me?” In the case of online business growth, my answer would be a resounding “YES!”
Here are 3 reasons why hiring a digital marketing vendor is worth your hard-earned money:
1) Time Savings
2) Knowledge & Expertise
3) Business Growth

Time Savings

As a business owner, you have many demands on your time. Whether it’s answering phones, managing employees or – most importantly – servicing customers, from when you wake up to the time your head hits the pillow, there seems to be a non-stop barrage of “things”.
Would you rather spend your most precious and valuable commodity (time) trying to do those “things” yourself or risk them not getting done?
If you find at the end of the day there are still too many “things” to get done, save yourself some time and stress by letting a trusted vendor take care of it for you.

Knowledge & Expertise

Have you ever wondered why CEO’s manage to get so much done?
They delegate to specialists. That’s why your customers come to you and are willing to pay you for your service. You know more. You can do it better and faster than they can.
The same should be said of a vendor – especially in the ever-changing space of online marketing. To make sure it’s done right, and at the right time, it’s worth having someone take that off your plate. Just like you go to annual training’s to stay on top of your game, any vendor worth their salt is going to be attending conferences, re-certifications, and webinars. They’re going to be reading books and blogs on new subjects.
They speak “Digital Market-ese.” Do you? No? I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Business Growth

I hear all too often something like, “Scott, I can’t afford to do this stuff myself, how can I afford to pay someone else to do it?”
Look at it this way:
If you were to pay yourself for your time and work, what would you charge? $100/hour? If you’re taking time out of your busy day to manage your online marketing on a weekly basis (which you should be doing), you’re likely costing yourself $800-$1,600 (in time/opportunity cost) per month to do something you may not be technically qualified to do. That’s time that you could be spending doing what you do best – servicing your customers.
Instead, it makes more sense to pay a specialist $300-400 per month do help you get even MORE customers, make MORE money, and have MORE time to do it in.
You want to grow your business this year? Don’t just invest in digital marketing that you do yourself. Invest in someone to do that marketing for you.

Big Takeaway:

Your business needs digital marketing. If your time, knowledge, or costs are the reason it’s not getting done, are you ready to fix it?
  1. Check the list of approved vendors for services like Pay-Per-Click, SEO, and Social Media. Make a few calls to see what they can offer you. Most will do a free assessment for you as well!
  2. Adjust your marketing budget to allow for paying a vendor. You’ll free up time and sanity while seeing more quality work come to you.
  3. Read this post to learn more about holding your vendors accountable and making them work for you and with you.

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