How to Get Customers to Unsubscribe

More is MORE

You can’t talk to your customer too much. Just like your mother-in-law, you should be in almost constant contact with your customer. Flooding their inbox is a great way to do that.
  • E-mail them at least weekly, or daily if you can.
  • Write long, extensive text full of superfluous words – like “superfluous.”
  • Focus only on selling your products and services.
  • Formatting your e-mails is secondary to getting them out.
  • Relevance doesn’t matter.
  • Only put out e-mails that are good for everybody. The individual customer isn’t worth your effort.

Your Customers Only Care About YOUR Business

Your customer is just sitting around waiting for your e-mail to come in. If they see it first on their mobile device but can’t really read it there, they’ll absolutely go to their computer to read it instead. You can count on them waiting with baited breath.
Most e-mail subscribers also LOVE seeing the same offer over and over again. They’re thrilled by the fact that your business is so busy that you don’t have time to think of, let alone write, anything new to send them.
And when they receive a postcard AND an e-mail in the same week, they never want to see an exclusive electronic offer because they would never subscribe to the idea that they are more special or meaningful to you than every other Jane Doe. They’re just the same as their neighbor, so they should be treated the same way.

You Have WAY Less Time Than They Do

Today’s consumer has nothing but time. Don’t you dare think for a second that they’re anywhere near as busy as you are. When you’re preparing your e-mail messages to them, don’t even stop to consider how long it will take them to read it. They literally have nothing better going on in their lives.
They’re all just like The Doctor. They have a time machine in their backyard with nowhere they “have to be.” They can always stop everything and read whatever you grace them with that day.
Never put yourself in their shoes and ask, “Would I take the time to read this?” Your customers are nothing like you, so that’s just poppycock.

Are You Still Reading?

Hopefully, if you’re still reading this, you’ve realized by now that I’m being facetious. These are the cardinal sins of e-mail marketing. These are the biggest reasons people unsubscribe from one of your most valuable and lucrative methods of marketing to past customers – e-mail.
Yes, you should be e-mailing your customers and letting them hear from you. And you should do it regularly. But don’t e-mail for the sake of e-mailing.

Big Takeaway:

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re putting together e-mail campaigns. Here are the top 3 things you should do.
  1. Be Personal – Keep e-mails to customers focused on things that matter to them. Their family, their time, their health.
  2. Be Brief – If your e-mail can’t be read in full within 30 seconds, it’s probably too long. You only have their attention for a moment – make sure it’s worth their time.
  3. Be Respectful – You don’t like being bombarded with e-mails. Neither does your customer. Preserve your spot in their inbox by having meaningful interactions with your customers.
Whether you’re actively e-mailing your database or want to get started, assess what your goal is when writing e-mails.

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