Use Your Database!

When auditors assess the value of a business, they know that a company’s most valuable (and often most overlooked) asset is their customer database. These are people that (for the most part) have done business with you in the past and would be happy to do it again.
So why aren’t they hearing from you?

Digital or Analog – I Don’t Care

Yes, this is a digital marketing blog, but I’m going to make an exception here because I think it’s THAT important. Whether you choose to communicate with your past customers via e-mail or postcards, it matters very little to me. They key is that they need to hear from you. Often.
Whenever I hear a business owner say that they can’t remember the last time they’d communicated with their customer list, I die a little inside.
I mean, it costs 8 times more money to get a new customer than it does to do business with a past customer. Why, then, do we place so much emphasis on getting new buyers and dismiss our past as if we’re a “got your money and run” scheme? That’s not how you operate.
Think of it like this watch – the analog hands and the digital display are doing exactly the same thing – telling me what time it is. Just like this watch, you need to have a presence there – to remind your customer that it’s time to call you.

Still Writing Addresses?

One of the biggest reasons this may not be getting done is that you may not be working from a digitized customer list. That’s okay – for now.
HRI see’s enough value in getting this done that if you have wanted to get your customer list digitized so you can move to an electronic customer management system (like onTrack, Camelot, etc.), we’ll help you get it digitized – for free.
If you’re interested in doing that, contact me and we can work out some of the details.

Big Takeaway:

Your business has customers that are paid for and waiting to hear from you. Ask yourself why they haven’t heard from you and what you can do about it NOW.
  1. Review your list of past customers.
  2. Take a look at postcard and e-mail communication options available.
  3. Invest in print or digital advertising to the customers who love you most and watch your schedule fill up!

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