Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

Remember 20-30 years ago when they used to broadcast on TV and say “It’s 10:00 pm. Do you know where your kids are?”
My parents were talking about that a few days ago and it got me thinking – in the most important time of the year, do my franchisees know where their customers are? Are they able to confidently market to them?

Your Database

I’ve said many times that a business’s most valuable asset is their customer database. For some owners, it’s THOUSANDS of names, addresses, and phone numbers for past customers. How much is that information worth to you as a business?
Let’s put it this way – if you have 1,500 customers in your database, and you an get 80% of them to do business with you annually, that’s 1,200 customers in a year. At 100 customers a month. 4 -5 customers per day (if you’re cleaning the usual 22 days a month).
At a job average of $250 per job, that’s $1,000 per day. $22,000 – 25,000 per month. $264,000 – 300,000 per year!
BUT… Your database needs some love. If you think that you’ll get 80% of them to book a job with you annually without any effort on your part, you’re nuts.
Have It All Together
I love hearing that people are marketing to their past customer databases regularly. It makes my heart sing, actually. But one of the differences between those that do and those that don’t is having their customer list collected together. It’s all in one place.
Your life as a business owner becomes infinitely easier when you have your customers all collected in one place. Personally, I would love for you to be using onTrack because it’s custom-built for Chem-Dry. However, if you decide on another software, I’m just happy you’re moving in that direction.
Most of these software programs will offer marketing integration options to mail, e-mail, or otherwise contact your customers to make additional offers to them. USE THEM!

Don’t Have Time?

I totally understand. You’re busy. You’ve got a lot going on. You probably feel like that rabbit from Alice in Wonderland at times.
Here’s what you should do:
Mail it to HRI and we’ll digitize the customer list for you and e-mail you the file.
We see enough value in it that we’ll take the invoices you mail us and put them all into a nice, neat file so you can upload it to a Database Management System like onTrack. This can make a HUGE difference in your business and make it far easier to market to past customers that need to hear from you.

Big Takeaway:

Your database is full of great customers. But if you can’t easily access their information, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever hear from you.
  1. Market to your database. Whether it’s postcards, e-mail, whatever. I don’t really care. Just do it.
  2. Collect your customer invoices for the past few years.
  3. Get the list digitized to upload to a management system.
Repeat customers should be the lifeblood of your business. Get yourself ready to communicate with them by collecting them together in a database.

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