Be a Problem Solver

Remember this guy? Angus MacGyver, the brilliant problem-solving genius that could take common items like paperclips and spit to make tools to disarm nuclear bombs.
Why did he become famous (at least, in his fictional world)? Because no matter what the odds or difficulty of the situation, he could come up with something to fix it with a Swiss Army knife and duct tape. He became the man you would call on when nothing else would work.
As a Chem-Dry franchise, you’re the MacGyver of carpet cleaning. If you can’t fix it, nobody can. But how many of your current or potential customers know that?

Play to Your Strengths

You make great money solving people’s problems. We can solve problems that nobody else can. That’s a MAJOR strength for you! Chem-Dry can solve problems with pet odor, re-occurring stains, heavily soiled carpet and upholstery, allergies, bacteria, and so much more!
But people don’t know you can solve their problem unless you tell them. Are you telling them? Are new customers finding you because you addressed the solution they’re looking for? Why not advertise based on what makes you stand out (and, as a result, makes you more money)?!
There’s an incredible profit opportunity available to you through selling P.U.R.T. and it solves a BIG problem for your customers. Are you advertising to be able to find the customers that are looking for that service?
Think about other services you offer that make you good money. Protectant. Sanitizer. Granite renewal. The list goes on.
Potential customers are looking for businesses that can solve the problems they’re having and they’re willing to pay good money to do it because it’s important enough to them to look for it. Plus, when they call and you’re able to confidently say “We specialize in ___________”, they can’t wait to have you come do it!

Showcase It

Here’s what I want you to do.
Make a list of the top 5 things that: a) you specialize in and nobody else can do; b) make you good money.
Now that you have your list, start brainstorming ideas of how you can market those things. Here are some suggestions:
  • Make a video of a protectant demo.
  • Use a stain removal before/after picture on a postcard.
  • Show Healthy Home statistics (98% of allergens, 89% of bacteria, etc.) in a Pay-Per-Click ad.
  • Use a picture like the one here to show before/after on granite.
  • Have your vendor prepare a PPC campaign for P.U.R.T.
While you may not be able to fill your day with “specialist” jobs, they’re often cheap to advertise for and very profitable. Make sure you aren’t inadvertently missing opportunities because you failed to show up.

Big Takeaway:

You’re a specialist. Advertise like one.
  1. Take time to analyze what makes you money and what makes you different.
  2. Create advertising campaigns around those things.
  3. Talk to each customer about how you are their MacGyver when it comes to carpet. If you can’t do it – nobody can!

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