Don’t Let the Slow Season Slow You Down

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You probably feel like you’re running around like a crazy turkey (sorry, I couldn’t help the Thanksgiving pun). But the craziness will end soon, and then the REAL work begins!

It’s Go Time!

For many of you, whether you like it or not, the colder part of the year is upon us. As much as you’d like to check out and just go skiing for 4 months (my dream), now is the time to double-down and prepare for the new year.

Look back over this year and think about what your goals were. How are you doing comparatively? Ahead? Behind? Right on track?

What about marketing? What did you want to try out this year that you never got around to? Here are my recommendations for things that should be on your radar for this winter.

Slow Season Recommendations:

Google My Business Posts: These free additions to your public Google listing are free and get you more real estate on the search results page when you make relevant posts and specials.

Doing PPC Right: Pay-Per-Click is a very lucrative opportunity for most markets in the country – and it’s grossly underutilized by our franchise network. You should take a look at starting an appropriately budgeted campaign.

Getting Online Reviews: Online reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should absolutely be a priority for you in 2018 – especially with the anticipated advent of Google Local Services Ads. (The link will take you to the Gateway login page. Click on the Learning portal, and then on Webinars. This one is entitled “Getting More Google Reviews – the Quick, Easy, and CHEAP Way”.)

Social Media: Facebook can be a HUGE time sucker (just ask my wife), but it can also be an incredibly useful tool for your business to get more exposure. Take advantage of features that are inexpensively available to you.

Big Takeaway:

This is a great opportunity for you go get ahead of your business for the year. Don’t let it get away from you!

Have questions about what you should work on or want to get some input? You can click here to schedule a 30-minute coaching call with me. Otherwise, you can simply reply to this e-mail or call me directly at 435-890-1055.


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