Featuring Protectant in Advertisements

In my many coaching interactions with franchise owners, my biggest focus is to help them utilize advertising and marketing avenues to not only increase job count, but also to increase their profit margins. Too many of us get caught up in trying to use ads only to get more jobs, but why not use it to get BETTER jobs?
Here’s what I mean. Many in our franchise network do not offer Protectant. Can you imagine that there are actually some who don’t leverage this remarkable solution that refreshes the popular stain fighting power on carpets? It’s an opportunity lost. Imagine the possibilities.
Many of you have campaigns using Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, even postcards and emails that are focused on landing a job using your basic cleaning statistics and quotes. But what about talking about Protectant when someone may be looking for information about keeping stains out of their carpet? Here’s an example:

What I Would Do

If I were setting up a new campaign, I would come up with ads that feature my different services and offerings. Here are a few examples:


I would try and have a PPC ad campaign focused just on people who are looking for protecting their carpets. You can do the same thing you do for tile & stone, granite, and leather.*
Or make it more promotional like this one:

* please make sure your ads meet the Advertising Rules & Guidelines and include your Full Franchise Name instead of the generic ‘Chem-Dry’. 


When you email a customer, a best practice is to give them something quick and easy to take action on, whether it’s calling you right away or watching a video. Why not show your customer the Protectant demo video?

Another option with email is using a feature from Constant Contact called “Offers“. You can make an irresistible offer to your customer (like HALF OFF Protectant) on a whole-house special. They purchase the offer, and they can even share the deal with friends. A great way to move your audience to action, and to get them to spread the word about your services.   – Be sure to feature a coupon that the customer should show you in order to get the discount and to include your standard disclaimers such as ‘Not valid with other offers. Must mention at time of scheduling. Expires XX/XX/XX.” 

Where Else Could You Sell Upgrades?

All of our other services like tile & stone, granite renewal, Protectant, healthy home (Clean, Sanitize & Protect), and so many others are examples of how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. These are not only revenue generators, but they’re value propositions for your customers. When you explain that you can not only clean and sanitize their carpets, but you can protect them from further stains, you enhance the perceived value of your services in your customer’s eyes.
So, where else can you highlight your expanded services? How can you advertise not only to get more jobs, but to increase your profits? Make a list and get out the good word about Protectant and other upsells.

Using Offers to Reconnect With Your Customers

Did you know that there’s a new service from Constant Contact called “Offers?” It’s a great way to reconnect with loyal and long-lost customers alike. Take a look at some of the features.


When you use “Offers” in Constant Contact, you get to pick an offer to give out to past customers that will get you back in your customers’ homes.
It works a little bit like Groupon, but your profit margin is MUCH bigger. You pay a few dollars every time someone books a job with the Offer, but customers also have
It’s as easy as:
Coming Up With An Offer:
Make your customers an offer that will be difficult to refuse.File Oct 02, 11 25 52 AM
For example here, I’ve made an Offer to clean 3 rooms for $80, a $105 offer.
You can also add a social aspect to the offer. You allow people that buy your offer to share it with their friends – getting you NEW customers.
Insert a summary of the offer.
Add some “fine print” to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of.
When customers buy your offer, they pay you through PayPal. The funds are immediately transferred to your account. How nice would it be to get paid BEFORE you go do a job? 😉
Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.33.34
You pick your list of recipients, review your email, and send it out. Then watch your job book fill up.
Let’s get you some great jobs during your slow times. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to keep your technicians busy.