Using Instagram Locations to Tie in Locally

Instagram is a growing social media platform that’s actually owned by Facebook. In fact, it’s growing so much, that in some markets and demographics, it’s actually overtaking Facebook in growth!

If you don’t have a company Instagram account, you can create one with your Facebook account. You can even have a business account AND a personal account. (Side note, if you’ve already created a business profile, but it’s pairing with your personal one, you can easily change it to a business profile and pair it up with your page. It’s not much different than what I’ll show below.)

Instagram Post 1

After you set up an account, click on the gear icon on the right. On the next screen, scroll down until you see “Linked accounts”. When you tap on that screen, you’ll see an option for Facebook (below left). Tapping on Facebook will bring up options for where your posts will go. By default, it will go to your personal timeline (if you’re using it as “you” and not your business). Tap on the “Timeline” and select your business page from the list on the next page (below right).

Instagram Settings

Now, after you go make a post (the “+” button in the middle of the bottom), you can opt to automatically share your photo or video with your Facebook page. BUT the most important step is yet to come.

IG Share on Post

You see the post that I’m making on the right? After you’ve selected the picture and the caption you’re going to put along with it, don’t just share it to your Facebook page (and Twitter if you have one). Add a location!

This helps your business page check in at notable places nearby.

Are you cleaning for a local sports team? Show where you are! The local eatery is getting their kitchen tile done? Take a picture outside with your crew and show where you are!

Instagram will automatically detect places nearby that could be of interest. (Notice how, since I took this screenshot while at work, it suggests “Harris Research, Inc.”)

*Note: You may have to turn on “Location Settings” on your phone, allowing it to detect your physical location so it can make suggestions.